Somedays you just know!

I should have known my day was not going to go according to plan. Usually how it starts is how it’s defined!

I stepped on the scales this morning! Big mistake. No matter were you hope the marker will stop on the scales it always seems to go that little bit further. You step off and remove any article you think is contributing to the weight gain and step back on and the dam needle still rises to where you do not want it to be. Short of performing colonic irrigation on myself and hammering out the fillings in my teeth I was just not going to get the answer I wanted. So off I walked swearing to myself that I would have to cut down while throwing a packet of crisps into my bag to have with my sandwiches at lunch time. Scales – 1, Willpower – 0.

Fast forward a few hours and I’m trying to set up Microsoft Outlook onto my friends laptop for her. So here’s the thing, you buy Microsoft Office which as we all know is not exactly cheap, but you then have the ability to create power points, spreadsheets, write reports,  and e-mail, along with a few other bits and pieces. You then further support Microsoft by using, the new name for Hotmail, but if you want to set up Outlook the office version to check for your mail you’re pretty much screwed. After about a half hour of trying, stress levels rising I hit Google to do a little research and found out I had to install a plug-in. Found that and installed it and went through the process of setting up the mail, and fair enough it worked but it almost creates a second little inbox. I mean come on, why can it not just be a matter of putting in your settings and seeing everything in the main area.

Perhaps in later versions of Office they addressed this problem, however after having paid for the program once I personally would be reluctant to shell out for a later version as I am sure would my friend.

The next piece of equipment to almost get booted around the yard was an Epson printer. There are many arguments for and against using compatible cartridges as opposed to the real thing so you can imagine my displeasure when after shelling out for originals the printer decides it wants to reject them. Feck, arse and bollocks said I, repeatedly. What started out as a simple head cleaning exercise almost made mine explode!

Maintenance > Nozzle Check > You need to clean the heads > head clean…..waiting……waiting…..waiting some more…..unable to recognise cartridge(s) – Black. You have got to be fecking kidding me!

So I changed the black, and then it told me it could not recognise either the black or the yellow. It was around about this time that Paul decided to phone me, I bet he now wished he hadn’t as I went into a full on tirade about Outlook and printers, I’m sure you can imagine how it went. In the end when he had stopped laughing he calmly told me to replace the yellow and all would be right with the world, and it was. Dam the man for always being right. The point is though my yellow was not empty so I had to waste half a cartridge to get the bloody thing to work. Sort your shit out Epson or it’s compatibles from now on for me!

I’ve just been told there is no chicken for my tea, ffs, I’ve been looking forward to chicken korma all day.

The point of this story is that I have completely fallen out with myself now and I am away to sit in a dark cupboard and have a serious think about where my life is going, that said after my foray onto the scales this morning knowing my luck I’ll get feckin stuck!!

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