Perhaps I tempted fate!


The worst thing about writing about a fictional character, is where it crosses over into real life. I tempted fate with my story of May and her New Year flu, and now find myself surrounded by used tissues with snotters tripping me. Woe is me. I was even in bed at 11.30 last night, that’s sacrilege. Scarier still was that I was holed up with my Bugs Bunny hot water bottle.

How do I know I have Man flu and not just a normal one I hear you ask, and that is a very good question, for which I have a very good answer. My Xbox One arrived on Friday and it was Sunday before I even managed to get it all put together and into place. I’ve played it once, see, that’s how sick I am!

The only good thing about being in work and being sick is that people generally tend to leave you alone. A few coughs and sneezes had people creeping past my door like it was a contamination area, I mean they don’t even do that when I fart ffs! That said its a useful tool and one I shall remember on days when I cannot be arsed. Say, achooo! followed by whoops must be coming down with something, and watch them all scatter.

I’ve been told to drink plenty of fluids and being the good girl I am (what you smirking at), I generally do what I am told. The slight problem with sneezing and a full bladder is that you have to remember to cross your legs, men you just so won’t get that. It’s actually really hard to sneeze, hold up a tissue, catch snot and remember to cross your legs. Somethings gotta give. Note to self, invest in Tena ladies perhaps for the remainder of this week!

I’m hoping to be better by Thursday, as there is a trip to the cinema planned to see ‘Into the Woods’. Apart from Maleficent, this was the only other film I got even mildly excited about in 2014, just ignore the fact it was not released until 2015. Maleficent, while pretty amazing, was not as stunning as I had thought. I hope the same cannot be said for the one to be viewed on Thursday.

My drive to quit smoking it not going too bad, even though I had used Christmas money to put towards the Xbone, I figured that I can’t have everything so in order to finance the rest of it, it’s time to try and quit. The fact that I have a cold is certainly helping. If I want one I will have one, because denying myself just makes it worse, however, having one reminds me that I don’t actually really enjoy them all that much anyway. I’m not making any firm promises, but I’m certainly up for trying! Total count since Saturday is 3.

I’d been trying to keep up with my reading and since the start of the New Year I had been doing not too bad, this week though, whenever I move myself into a horizontal position and make myself comfortable I tend to fall asleep. Between that and stinging eyes, reading anything has been a bit of a task. That said, I wondered why I was squinting at the screen just now and realised it was because I need to clean 3 days of snot off the lens of my spectaculars, so that’s just what I better do.

Till next time Eejits!

P.s May never did bring me my Chicken soup ffs, she went up to the bus stop and hasn’t been seen since!

A 360 Degree Turn!

360013I read a lot of stories this morning on the way to work, but the one that brought the biggest smile to my face had to be What’s Your Tag’s post (which I reblogged) about Microsoft’s reversal of some policies in relation to the new Xbox One.

Let’s be honest here, I still can’t afford to purchase one, well not for the time being anyway.  I just don’t have that kind of money to spend right now, but I am a little less glum about the prospect should my little 6 year old decide to pop it’s clogs mid game with an awesome rendition of the red ring of death.

It’s comforting to note that Microsoft are actually listening to their fan base and attempting to put right some of the issues that made us feel wronged. I do however wonder how much of it was, “I can see their point” as opposed to “Uh oh, they are going to leave”.

Who cares, no matter how you look at it, it’s a result.

I’m wondering if I can hoodwink you all into clicking a nifty little Paypal button and making donations to a “Keep the Geek Gaming Fund”. Only messing, saving is much more fun and I’ll hand myself a healthy serving of satisfaction when I purchase one!

Xbox One vs PS4!

Console Wars
Ding, Ding! Round One!

I have to say I know very little about either console, well apart from what I have read on other peoples blogs. I’m still of the opinion there is no point in  torturing myself if I am not going to be able to afford one in the very near future.

Gaming is getting very expensive!

I think everyone thought that Microsoft had the market sewn up with their all singing, all dancing machine. I personally was put off long before the much anticipated reveal due to the rumours regarding second hand games and the always on camera.

You can never tell if you are actually going to like a game or not. Trailers, just like those for the movies offer a taster of what is to come, and often times are better than the movie / game itself. I got into a routine of hiring a game to try it, and only if the answer was in the affirmative would I purchase it, but even then not brand new. Pre owned games have saved me a fortune over the years. Having this ability removed would seriously hamper my gaming!

The camera thing just baffled me. Never in all the years I have had a computer did I ever want a web cam, so why oh why would I want one on my Xbox! Especially one that is always on.

Always online to play? Not liking that idea much either. From what I can gather, you must sign in at least once in a 24 hour period. Why? No offence Microsoft, but that seems like snooping to me. Because I live in the sticks my internet can be sketchy at times, I don’t want to be penalised for that.

Then along came Sony kicking the ankles clean out from under Microsoft by promising not to do all the things that gamers were griping about, well me anyway. No need to be online to play, no restrictions on second hand games, lending or renting  and a cool $100 off the price tag. However lets not forget the fairly muted announcement about needing a PS Plus account to play online multi player. Ding, ding, round one to Sony in my eyes. Shame on you Microsoft, me being a convert an all!

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft come back with, if anything.

Me, well I’m going to save up and buy a second hand PS2 and perhaps resurrect some of my back catalog. In all honesty it will probably cost me less than one game for either of the two contenders above.

Reveal Reaction!

So the big reveal has been and gone. They hype is over, well pretty much, there is still a huge “The Xbox One Revealed” on my Dashbord, the Xbox one that is.

I have to say, in the end I was mildly curious, no scrub that, I was nosey. I didn’t want to be the last person on the planet to find out what was going on, mind you I wasn’t perched precariously on the end of my seat either.

I read blogs from people far more knowledgeable than myself, like the guys over at “What’s Your Tag“. I relied on them to deliver the information to me in terms I could actually understand as opposed to jargon that just jangled my brain cells. I was not disappointed. Sterling job as usual guys!

I did try to watch some of the online video’s but the constant buffering was a little more than my stress levels could handle.

I checked my mail. Pre Order your Xbox One it said. Pre Order price of 399.99 pounds sterling guarenteed it said. Feck that I said. My interest waned.

Of course I’d like one, but the sad simple truth is I can’t afford one, so whats the point of torturing myself. What’s the point of going all gooey eyed over the stats and statistics, the sleek look, the new controller and the fact it will recognise my voice.

If you don’t have the money, you just don’t have the money, it doesn’t get much simpler than that!