Predictive priorities


Only yesterday I was rejoicing the fact that everyday this week the trains free WiFi has worked allowing me the opportunity to read and actually like posts on Bloglovin. I opened my mouth too soon, because today it has betrayed me. On the only journey of the week where I do not have to change trains, its has decided not to function. Bollocks!

I love the fact that on most days I am able to keep up with the outside world, but I am similarly horrified at how the predictive text or autocorrect on my phone seems to think I speak.

It has this knack, smart little bugger that it is, of changing simple words, that while it may only be one letter, add a different context to a whole sentence. Instead of being ‘on’ the loo, I am ‘in’ the loo. I know you’re wondering how I was even able to type from such a small bowl in the first place!


My friend randomly found this picture on the internet during the week and enquired if it was me. Umm yes it is, apparently my arse is a star, how could she not have known. Actually, maybe I’m just an arse!

This past few days I have actually had enough time to comment on a few posts. Like myself, not everyone is able to reply right there and then, so sometimes I need to remind myself of what I said. It’s usually at this point that overuse of the term ‘FFS’ occurs as I look with horror at how my comments have turned out. I would be first in line to petition for a way to edit my comments on someone else’s blog, not just my own.

Clearly as I type away with merry abandon I do not pay enough attention to the fact that my phone is also merrily typing its own version of my words. Those of you who read my comments must think I’m stupid….I am, but not as much as my phone would lead you to believe. Take that look off your face, I’m being serious.

So forgive me readers, for many times I have sinned against Saint Grammar, but in my defence regardless of whether it was my fault or not, I’m blaming the phone.

In the words of the almighty Bart Simpson, “I didn’t do it, no one saw me do it, you can’t prove anything!”

Wonky WiFi!

Feckin WiFi


Clearly the train WiFi hates me. As everyone around me appears to seamlessly browse content on their phones, I stare endlessly at a revolving circle on a white page, that mocks me and tickles at my levels of annoyance.

It’s proving detrimental to my reading and catching up. Bloglovin  tells me I have no unread posts, which is a lie, I have millions, ok,  slight exaggeration, perhaps hundreds. It constantly loses connection and reloads, opening windows here there and everywhere peppering them with little messages telling me all the things it can’t do right now……for feck sake!

I’m trying, I promise!

Sometime later in the week

I started that post earlier in the week, but I was unable to finish it as the WiFi did not work on the train home that night, or in fact the day after, so the little half post had to lounge in my drafts until tonight.

I was going to do another if we were having coffee post, but in all honestly my life has not been that exciting this week so it would be a very short post. Apart from a night out with the girls, it was very much same old same old.

Thanks to the 12th July holidays I am not back in work until Wednesday, I’d promised that I was going to use today to catch up on my blogging and writing, but I lied to myself and in between copious amounts of cooking I played GTA. I’m not sure what it was, perhaps I got out of bed on the wrong side, but I was not feeling very hospitable. I can’t even say it’s because I’ve been having late nights as I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open these days, and I mean during the day as well….ffs!

That said, Spotify is doing a great job where GTA failed and keeping me calm. I’m currently on Chill playlists, the first one to catch my eye being a Cinematic Chill out one. I adore soundtracks and this is opening my eyes to so many that I have never heard. I am a happy woman indeed.

That’s all I’ve got for now, what’s new in the world with you eejits?

I shall leave you with the lovely Starlights by Tracey Chattaway in the hope it will put a smile on your face like it did mine!