Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

This weeks Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizon. The space or line where the sky meets the earth. So many places where the sky meets the earth around the world, and millions of interactions between two elements. It can be water, a city skyline, a forest, a wasteland, a desert, a sunset outside your bedroom window. Is there a particular horizon which speaks to you?

StrangfordThe view from the Strangford ferry as we approached Strangford itself. Awesome sky for a July day.

Good Morning Rathlin Island!

In response to The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Good Morning!

Puffin Stacks
Puffin Stacks at Rathlin Island

A few years back, a couple of my friends and I decided to take the early morning crossing out to Rathlin Island to try and get some pictures.

The crossing on the ferry was terrible as we sailed at the same time as the ‘meeting of the tides’, but the views upon arrival were amazing and so worth the white knuckle ride.

This is a picture of one of the Puffin stacks on the island. Rathlin plays host to one of Northern Ireland’s biggest seabird colonies and it truly is something amazing to watch. Puffins and many other seabirds congregate in their thousands to breed from approximately May to July.

Imagine living in a house and waking up to that view every morning! It sure would make it a good one!