New Year, New You?

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What if you could relive any year of your life starting on New Year’s day?

That was the question Jed asked for last weeks Wednesday’s What If?, but as he quite rightly pointed out, it is cryptic, as it would mean you would have to relive every day of every year from that point on.

It’s a tempting prospect, the thought of being able to pick a point in your life and essentially start again, and a hasty decision could turn it into a reality. Shake hands with the little man at the door, nod your agreement and it’s all systems go. However, on further inspection, it is perhaps not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Everyone has bad days, weeks, months, and sometimes at the end of a year there is the temptation to say I’m glad that year is over, I hope the next one is better. Perhaps that is because we, especially me, have a tendency to focus on the bad things and forget about all the other amazing little things that happened to actually keeps us moving towards the beginning of the next shiny bright New Year.

If you returned to erase the bad, you would also erase all the people you met, all the love you received, all the happiness you gave sometimes with just a smile aimed at a stranger, and there is no guarantee that the same bad thing will not happen again, only at a different time.

That said, if you played this scenario right, you may just be able to turn it to your advantage:

  • Ever been tempted to try plastic surgery, save up, give it a go, and then if you don’t like the results just rewind time and spend the money on something different.
  • Relationship going down the skids? Save yourself the heartache and rewind time and forget that he / she ever existed.

These are only a couple of ideas from the millions that are floating around in the empty cavity that exists between my ears.

If, however, you are asking me what I would do, well then it’s simple. I’ll stay just as  I am thanks, there were times it was tough enough getting though the last 40 odd years on this planet, I’m not sure that I want to relive them.

Sometimes the best moments are left as memories.