And Breathe…..


I’m going to put the past week down to experience. I’m glad it’s over, although the repercussions are still carrying on. I’m tired, and I’m going to have to start getting early nights or one of these days I am going to fall asleep and not wake up, it’s not that long till three score years and ten, assuming I even make it that far.

I’ve not been here much this week, there has just been no time, my laptop lay in work redundant for most of last week. Lunchtime, what’s that, couldn’t tell you, cos I spent most of the week working through mine. I did however make a bit of an effort and catch up on my reading, so it you saw one like after another on your posts then it was your turn.

I still feel overwhelmed a lot in the job, however there are moments of clarity and it’s these brief glimpses that give me hope that at some stage there will be a turning point and I will no longer be afraid to call myself a Personal Assistant. Time is a big thing, there are tasks to do but before you have completed the first one another three have been added to the list. I have notes about notes and to do lists about things …to do..duh! I’m realising that my brain is not the efficient filofax it used to be, my capacity for knowledge retention is being seriously tested.  Thank goodness for pens and paper or all would be lost.


On another note, I was having a chat with someone today and he asked me what I do in my spare time. I laughed and said what’s spare time and then regaled him with tales of the Xbox and also that I was a blogger. Thankfully he knew what that was, and even more thankfully he chose not to ask what the blog was called, because at that point I broke into a cold sweat and started to panic. I not ashamed of my blog, not in any shape form or fashion, but I still feel that people will read it and go ‘what a pile of shite’. That being said, there’s not been very much writing of late that would allow anyone to form any kind of opinion. At which point do you feel like you can tell people you’re a blogger and believe you are deserving of the title.


Lastly, despite the fact that some eejit thought that this week was the last Cartoon Craziness Challenege forever, it’s not, but I do however need to extend the deadline by a couple of days, because, I haven’t got mine done yet and that’s just disgraceful!! An update will follow.

This is the current challenge: CCC – Week 8

If you have any suggestions for themes, please let either myself or Mama know, they are always welcome.

Till next time, ya bunch of randomers that I adore :)

Song of the week and well worth a listen!