Conversations on Trains


I think I have one of these faces. I like to smile, in fact I will smile at anyone whether they are receptive to it or not. It would appear that the act of smiling very often leads into the art of the awkward return smile and sometimes rebound conversation.

On an unmanned TRAIN platform in the middle of the universe:

Me: Smiles.

Stranger: Lovely morning isn’t it.

Me: It sure is, but it’s very warm.

Stranger: You waiting for something?

Me: Yes, the train.

Stranger: It’s very warm isn’t it.

Me: Aye.

Train pulls into the station.

Stranger: Is that the train then.

Me: Yes, you getting on?

Stranger: No I think I’ll wait for the train.

Me: Ummm ok then, have a nice day!

Forgive me for being a little confused by this. There is only one line, with all trains going to the same place. I can only imagine he was waiting for a special train. I might check it out on Monday, it could lead me on a very exciting adventure.

At a table, on a moving train in the middle of the same universe.

Me: Smiles

Stranger: That’s one hell of a phone you have there girl.

Me: Smiling and laughing. That’s not a phone, it’s a tablet.

Stranger: Ach no, I wouldn’t want to be swallowing that thing.

We  both laugh at his amazing quip.

Stranger: So what are you doing?

Me: I’m writing.

Stranger: Writing what?

Me: A blog.

Stranger: A wha?

Me: A blog.

Stranger: What’s a blog then?

Me: Hmmm it’s kinda like an online diary.

Stranger: Oh. There must be some good stuff in there then.(In a nudge nudge, wink wink way)

Me: Not really, it’s pretty boring actually.

Stranger: Well it looks exciting. I might have to get me a big old phone like that and one of those there blog things.

Me: What would you call it?

Stranger: You said it was a tablet.

Me: No I meant your blog.

Stranger: It needs a name?

Me: Yes it has to have a title.

Stranger: (Thinks for a minute rapping fingers on the table) Sure I’ll name it Fido after me dog.

Me: (Laughing) Aye that’s dead on. I’ll keep an eye out for it, see ye later.

I think I  might stop smiling.

(I actually posted this before, way back in 2013, but it was kind of right for the Okay, What If? Challenge so I’ve redone it. I think there will most likely be another one too though.)

Idea’s and Public Transport Challenges

One thing that became apparent from all the comments on my post last night, was the fact that I am not alone in relation to the dark cloud that appears to be blocking inspiration waves. It’s reach is further than I thought. What is this strange affliction that has me lost for words, when normally I am looking for a cure for verbal diarrhea.

A couple of weeks ago I reposted some of the fictional stories I had written as a result of Jed’s challenges on Okay, What If? when they were still going. I realised I missed writing skits and the weaving of words required to craft a suitable twist in an ending. While I think my mind no longer has the capabilities of a crafty ending, I do miss the prompts.

I spoke to Jed today and asked him if he had any objections to me perhaps posting a challenge or two on his site and he’s kindly given the go ahead. So this is where you lot come in, do you have any ideas for prompts that would start with Okay, What If? and what would get you interested in participating? I understand that everyone has time constraints, even I would not be able to do every challenge, but there are no hard and fast rules, it’s about having fun and giving the old grey matter a kick in the goolies. Any input would be appreciated.

Speaking of challenges, in comment conversation with Wee Blue Birdie today I somehow got roped into a mini one in relation to public transport as both she and I use this particular method of travel. Challenge accepted, however it may be tomorrow evening before I get to work on the post, so no chirping in my ear Birdie you hear!!

Lastly I must give a shout out and a thank you to Caitlin over at The Teen Daydreamer for kindly putting me forward for her award. As anyone who has been here a while knows, I no longer do awards, I am however still grateful to be considered. Thank you little Miss Daydreamer, much appreciated.

Okay, what if you were to hit me with your ideas? Preferably not when they are tied to a brick :)

There’s a what, in the where….

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The fact that he had just been told there was a spaceship in his neighbours garage should really have caused Seamus some concern right? The thing is, if you knew anything about the man next door at all,  then you would understand that in the grand scheme of things a little spaceship wasn’t that much out of character.

So the news found Seamus calmly shrugging his shoulders as opposed to running about the yard like a headless chicken, whilst squealing like a pig!

“So what does he plan to do with this spaceship then?”  he asked.

“Well dance to it I presume,” said Billy looking at his best friend quizzically. “What the feck did you think he was going to do with it?”

Seamus started to laugh, until that is he looked at Billy’s face and realised that he was actually serious.

“Is there some kind of little dance you do to get it started? Does dancing make it happy? How the hell can you dance to a spaceship, Billy ffs, catch yourself on!”

“There’s no need for the sarcasm sunshine, I’m pretty sure you press a button to turn it on, and dancing to it certainly seems to make him next door happy. Yesterday I heard him singing along to it as well.”

“Billy sometimes I wonder about yo….” started an exasperated Seamus.

“Look if you don’t believe me, see for yourself, there he goes now to get it started,” said Billy pointing towards the garage at the top of the garden.

Sure enough, giving them a wave, their neighbour slipped in through the garage doors. Many bangs and clanks could be heard from within.

“Any minute now,” shouted an excited Billy bouncing up and down.

Next thing Seamus sees are the doors of the garage being flung open and he can hardly believe what his ears are hearing, as out of the garage comes the all to familiar lyrics….

♪ Looking in your eyes I see a paradise, This world that I found is too good to be true.
    Standing here beside you, Want so much to give you……

“I know what I want to give you Billy ya fecking dickhead, that’s not a spaceship, that’s Starship!! See if I get my hands on you……”

Written for the Okay, What If? Month Long Writing Challenge – What if you discovered a space-ship in your neighbor’s garage?