Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 8

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I am sooooooooo behind, I’m afraid you are going to have to put up with this being the last two weeks and next week all rolled into one!

Let me section it off to make it easier for you me.

Last Week – Mythical Creatures

I started to draw a couple of mythical creatures and then I couldn’t stop, so I have about two pages worth to share with you. Without further ado, here they are:

CC Challenge 7039

I drew a sort of weird type Mermaid thing, I mean they are meant to be pretty, sirens of the sea and mines more like an laugh of the lake. So then I redrew the Punk Penguin, he’s marginally better than the first time and if I could have been bothered he would have been coloured all black leather and tarten.

CC Challenge 7040

Nest I started to draw a cat, which I gave a tail, wings, a kangaroo pouch and duck like feet, meet the ‘DinoCatyPlatyPus’, it’s all right, I have no idea what it is either! After that things got a little but stupid, the rest of the family includes a ‘Wall-a-Bee’, ‘The Harry Potter Fish’ and a ‘Door Mouse’. Mo more mythical creatures for me I think!

These other eejits also drew their own versions of the last theme, check them out:

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Week 8

So this week, it’s a little bit of a change from the norm, it’s called ‘Build a Burger‘, basically you have two buns (steady now chaps) and you can put whatever you like between th….in the middle. Your ultimate burger. It can be food, a person, whatever you choose.

You have one week for this challenge which will end on the 7th September, all we ask is that you create a ping back to let us know your post exists. More information can be found on the Cartoon Craziness Challenge Page ^ up there.

Happy Doodling :)