Ah darn….how many days left!

LoveFilm logo with_extended_box

I seem to have this unbelievable knack of starting to watch a series, and falling in love with it (on Lovefilm that is), just as they are about to pull it from the catalogue.

I rarely get time to watch films, but I like series’s as with the removal of adverts each episode is a tidy little 40 minutes.

I have managed to pack in a great many episodes in a short space of time recently. There was all nine series of Greys Anatomy, it was so good and the cause of many middle of the nighters!

Then there was Haven, another great show. It sometimes got a little predictable in the middle, but had this great knack of hooking you in at the end of each episode, meaning I had to watch just one more, for, umm all three series.

Currently it’s Greek. Of course I picked it out of the ‘Last Chance’ folder. I’m stupid like that. Of course I also started to watch it without checking to see how long was left. Sod’s law I am enjoying it immensely and now have only 10 days left in which to watch the last 3 series. Thank goodness for Christmas, it’s going to be a bit of a life saver and hopefully allow me to finish before the finish, if you catch my drift!

Wish me luck, I am diving in head first! I suppose instead of my usual getting my ‘geek’ on, this Christmas I’ll be getting my ‘Greek’ on.

You know you’ve been watching too much Sci-Fi when…

Driverless cars
Driverless Pods to be introduced to Milton Keynes.

I’m not a big lover of the news, in fact I usually try to avoid it if at all possible. I have one of those brains that convinces itself that everything bad I hear is going to happen to it, or more importantly us. However, once in a while a story pops up that piques my interest and this was one of them.

UK government paves way for driverless cars

The government has announced that it wants to make the UK a world centre for the development of driverless cars.

There is nothing particularly unusual about that, I am sure the UK was not the first place to think of the idea. For some people there would be certain benefits and it all seems quite space age if you ask me.

Then came this:

By mid-2017 it is planned that 100 fully autonomous vehicles will run on the town’s pathways along with pedestrians, using sensors to avoid collisions.

It was at this point that all my recent Sci Fi watching in Lovefilm caught up with me, and slapped me repeatedly about the face. I read the article but all I could see in my head was a vision of these little cars going mad and driving at people, scattering them like skittles at a bowling alley. What had previously been cute and futuristic became horror film freaky!

In all seriousness though, I am not sure that I would like to sit in a vehicle over which I had no control, although technically that’s what you do when you are a passenger, but you know what I mean. What if it took a turn up a dark alley and that was the last you were ever heard of. Never mind Colonel Mustard in the kitchen, it was the driverless car up the dark alley.

It reminds me of a film I once watched when I was younger called ‘La Cabina‘ about a man who became trapped in a phone box. At the time (I was extremely young) ¬†it scared me witless and I didn’t set foot inside a phone box for months. ¬†Eventually they brought out ones that had no doors, which I believe (in my head anyway) was a direct result of lots of people being scared witless by this short Spanish cult horror.

La Cabina
Ah balls, this is not going to end well!

So the moral of this story is, well there really isn’t one to be honest, but remember, don’t put your arse in either a driverless car or a phone box unless you’re prepared for the consequences!