Fellowship of the Ring Haiku: Three is Company

frodo leaves the Shire

Laith’s Ramblings has started the above Group Haiku Project. I’m only learning about all things Haiku, ask Rob, I posted my very first on his Haiku Challenge. You can also ask Laith, who provided me with some tips.

I liked the idea of this when I first saw it, but didn’t feel confident enough to take part. I outlined all my excuses to Laith, who was very understanding.  But I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns and give it a go, because the Lord of the Rings Trilogy are three of my favourite films.

The books are being done in chapters and there are still some slots available should you wish to join in. You can read all about it here.

Three is Company

All possessions sold,

Frodo and friends leave the Shire.

Danger lies ahead.


Make sure to check out the previous posts! and thank you Laith for accepting me at the last minute!