Bollox to Bakebook!

It took Lee 30 seconds to make up a new cartoon for me!

I’m beginning to dislike Facebook. My use of the word ‘beginning’ would of course imply that I liked it in the first place, however that’s not strictly true.

I’ve tolerated it, it does after all have uses, like keeping in touch with friends and family overseas.

I’ve had many a fun post or three with my good friends Udders and Monkey, silliness that kept us laughing into the wee small hours. We have also shared many a photograph that has kept others laughing into the wee small hours. It hasn’t all been bad.

Perhaps it’s me, or the mood I have found myself in lately, but these days I find I have no inclination to check news feeds, unless it’s Udders showing us all her new chest and drawers, oops I mean chest of drawers!

My news feed is littered with game requests, farm animals, what the world and his wife are having for dinner, memes about wine and people whining!
I mean for feck sake give me a break, the world is full of enough doom and gloom without me having to read all about it on Facebook as well.

When I was off with alien leg, I used to put updates on regarding the current status of my recovery. What can I say, I’m lazy, and it was the easiest ways to reach a lot of people in one swift smack of the return key, but unbeknownst to me I turned into one of those people and all it took was an off the cuff, unintentional comment from someone to make me realise. I stopped posting publically about my leg and just answered personal messages instead. I know I should not let something someone says affect me or stop me from adding a status, but I don’t want to become one of the Facebook people I myself try to avoid.

In the few times since, when I have had a lapse and posted an ‘oh poor me post’, I’ve caught myself on, slapped myself repeatedly about the face and then deleted the comment. If I really need to vent, then I have a blog for that! If I need to talk about how crap my life is, then I’ll start a new blog for that too.

So why do people do it? Why do they feel that they need to inform their followers of every bad turn they ever take in their lives. Boredom, sympathy, support, help? I have no idea, but there are very few people in the world living the lives they wished for, or hoped for, but they seem to get by just fine without having to publish it for all and sundry to see.

So, this leaves me with a conundrum, do I leave Facebook again, for like the 9 millionth time, or do I just stop reading. There are pros and cons for both.

I’d miss Udders and the fun we have, even though neither of us are feeling too funny right now. I’d miss Monkey and the pictures of her niece who is a cute as a button. I’d miss updates from friends and family overseas as they journey forth in their new lives. I’d miss all Lee’s hilarious and geeky little memes, that do actually make me laugh. I’d also miss my Indecisive Eejit page on which I share all Lee’s hilarious and geeky little memes. See told you I was lazy!

I won’t however miss:

Join us in Farmville! You’ve got ginger hair, you can be a carrot!
Join us in Farmville 2! It’s better than Farmville 1.
Join us in Farmville 3! We know where you live!
Join us in Far……..ah just feck off Farmville.
30 second updates over the course of an hour regarding the preparation of your dinner, which then turns into a chew by chew account of your consumption of it. Seriously, I’ve just stood for an hour cooking my own. I’m at my dinner limit, get over it!
Updates on how crap your life is. I know it sucks, honest I do, sometimes mine does as well, but telling us about it and hash tagging it with FML is not going to miraculously make it better.
Competitions, share and like, blah blah blah! It’s all a con, they just want more likes for their page, although I did succumb once and enter a competition for the most amazing chair on the planet! If I win it, I will retract this statement. Prove me wrong Facebook, go on, I dare ya!
Miscellaneous game requests! Do you see my name on it, do I have a high score? No? Then take the feckin hint, I don’t want to play it.
I could go on, but I can’t be bothered, I’ve worn myself out!

I think for the sake of my sanity it’s time to disappear again for a little while and just use my Indecisive Eejit page, which you can feel free to like, if unlike me you are still feeling the love for Facebook!

Farewell for now Facebook!

6637390653_08fd4611fb_nI deactivated Facebook today. I make it seem like it was such a hard thing to do. Really it wasn’t. I have no cold sweats.

With me it was a bit of a love / hate relationship. I have to hold my hand up and say I have been one of those people who when we’ve taken a funny picture has said, hurry up, get that posted. Some of our posts have been legendary, the kind of laughing that ends in tears, I have some extremely witty friends!

But on the other side I hate all the inane status posts. “I’m putting the dinner on”,  “Nom Nom my dinner was lovely”, “Doing the dishes”. I mean seriously come on, who cares.

Anyone who has read my blog previously will know I play Candy Crush. It gives me something to do on my long train journeys to and from work.That said I am very conscious about not forwarding requests to the non Candy Crushers on my list as I myself know how frustrating it can be to get literally thousands of requests for games you don’t play. BEWARE Bakebook buddies, if I come back  any more Farmville requests and it’ll be a mow down and not a hoedown!

It’s been about 10 hours since the big delete and I have to be honest and say I miss it, but not for the reasons you might think. I miss that I no longer have  pictures for my contacts in my phone and for the fact that I will either have to rejoin or pay for plane tickets in Candy Crush if I want to progress. I’ll miss it for keeping in touch with friends and family overseas, but there is always Skype.

I won’t miss all the little behind the scenes privacy changes that you didn’t find out about until after your details have been plastered all over the net. I won’t miss my location being tagged.  I won’t miss having to dodge people that I just don’t want to add because I know they will be offended by some of our unbelievable stupidity (we forget what age we are sometimes).

How long will I last? Who cares!

Image courtesy of Harco Rutgers