Uh oh, Ophelia!

It’s really creepy and eerie here today, almost as if a storm is coming….oh wait, one is.

I’m not sure if, in my lifetime, I’ve ever experienced something like this before. Schools are shut, there are warnings in place for public transport, and as a result I’m on my way home, to ensure that I actually can make it home.

You’d think that I’d be delighted at the prospect of an impromptu day off, but actually I’m not. I remarked earlier that I don’t really want to be sitting at home listening to my old (but lovely) house creaking in the wind, or wondering if my next door neighbours trees are going to fall on it. There’s also the fact that if Ophelia doesn’t live up to the hype, then I’ve a mountain of work I could be getting on with….I know right, what a nerd!

Walking round the streets this morning was like walking through a ghost town. Everything was so quiet and there were hardly any people to be seen. It wasn’t much better on the way back only the wind had started to pick up by that stage and I was met by a few leaf spectres as they rose up and danced in front of me.

It makes me feel uneasy, because I have no idea what is coming. Last time I felt like that was when there were parade related troubles here. Then the streets were eerily quiet only I was stepping around burnt out cars and buses, something I don’t see on a normal day.

Other places deals with these kinds of winds on a regular basis, here, well it’s not something we’re used to. Along the coastal areas we do experience high winds, but not any that get this much TV coverage, let alone named.

Perhaps reading the constant updates is not something that I and my anxiety riddled brain should actually be doing. Well, not when there are duvets to hide under anyway.

When I woke up this morning it was so calm and peaceful, apart from the rain. I almost wondered if they had got things mixed up and the storm was headed for an alternate universe instead.

Now though, the skies are ominously grey, the winds have picked up and the calm waters of this morning have become angry. White horses race for the shore, but not with the grace and elegance as seen in the Guinness adverts.

Later that same day…..

I made it home safe and sound and for the most part the day looked as if it was going to be like any other, at one point there was even sunshine. That said I wouldn’t have been venturing into the garden to hang my washing out, the size of my bloomers I’d have been in Scotland in the blink of an eye.

The Fathership, crafty oul shite that he is decided that same as I had an unexpected afternoon off, I should spend it clearing out his letter drawer, the same one in fact, that I swore I would never do again after the last time due to the fact that he never puts anything away at the actual time. Ah well, it’s done now I suppose.

Now the wind is picking up again and we’re to expect severe gusts through the night, but all in all up until this point it has not been too bad for us. Phone signal, TV signal and internet aside, sometimes living in a dip has it’s advantages. Southern Ireland fared the worst, sadly with the loss of three lives.

Through it all though Irish humour won the internet, with many commenting on the fact that schools, offices and businesses were closed, but all the pubs were open. It calmed my anxiety to read all the tweets that had been give the #Ophelia.

Hopefully the worst is over, so I’m away to hide under the duvet after all, but only because it’s bed time.

Stay safe out there eejits, where ever you may be : )