Making room!

Making RoomI have a cupboard in my room which contains two shelves of basically nothing.

Old padded envelopes, empty CD cases, packing tape, labels and other things that need to be put onto Ebay.

A few years back I decided I needed to de clutter, basically I was passing my prized possessions on to someone who would now have more use for them. You have to be ruthless, because sometimes you want to hold onto things  for the memories they hold for you.

Last night I sold two live albums I had for the band the Eels. I didn’t want to let them go, but I need the money for other things and realistically it had been a while since I listened to them, so I figured it was time to give someone else a chance.

Ebaying has got expensive. While I was happy with what the CD’s sold for, by the time I paid my fees, lost the commission Paypal take and paid postage I lost about ¬£7 from the final price. That said it is still more than I would have got had I used one of the online retailers.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion I am a minimalist. I dislike clutter. I want to be in a position where everything is in it’s place and there is a place for everything. Which means more Ebay’ing I guess. But all of that is time consuming and with Alien leg still under par, irksome, as the nearest post office to my work is about a mile away down a long hill.

It’ll be a long haul, but it will be worth it. I just need to be careful I don’t use the money to buy more clutter to fill my emptying shelves.