Sleep typing…

The past few days have been weird around blogsphere what with everything going on. I wanted to write yesterday, but the post was in pieces and I couldn’t quite manage to pull it together, so in the end I gave up and watched a few episodes of ‘Life Unexpected’ instead.

I also wanted to start work on a new What If? piece for Jed and his blog, but again I couldn’t get anything to stick. Any suggestions for me?

I’m sure it has not escaped your notice that despite my big girl bragging about changing my page and forcing it to grow up, there are little or no differences at all. Now, before you get all judgmental on me, it has NOTHING to do with me being lazy and EVERYTHING to do with me not being able to find a theme that I like as much as my current one. I tried each and every one in WordPress, on Saturday night, cos I’ve no social life thats just how I roll! In the end I gave up. I need more time to make an informed decision so that when I start the begging process with Paul regarding a new banner I know exactly what I am asking for! That said I have help on tap with regards to CSS cos my good friend from No Blog Intended passed her exam with flying colours! Well done young lady :)

This is only going to be a short post, I managed a 10 hours shift in work today, the first since I had my accident and do you know what, it felt good. The Diamond Dancer and I didn’t stop and I was amazed at how quickly the time went and the amount we were able to achieve in it.

I’d left dinner out for the olds with instructions on what to do. It seems they managed ok, apart from one phone call from the Fathership asking what number on the cooker the spuds had to be turned on to. It would appear however that unless something is able to go in the dishwasher neither of the ‘ships’ will touch it, meaning after arriving home at 9.45pm I had to start and wash the pots and pans and then prepare tomorrow nights dinner. Next time I go out, they can order in and I will leave out paper plates and cups. Problem solved!

That’s about all I can manage, I really don’t want to wake up in the morning with ‘qwerty’ embedded on my forehead because I fell asleep at the keyboard!

One last thing tho before I go, can I please (if I have not already) draw your attention to my new page entitled ‘Challenges’. On it you can find the most recent ones from Okay, What if?, Robs Surf  Report and also Steve’s Monday Music Challenge. Check them out and put in an entry, go on I dare ya!

Night night now :)

P.s The video at the top is The Crooked Kind by Radical Face. It’s my song of choice for this week. It’s been on repeat since I first heard it!

I need the Zzzzzz’s


I didn’t sleep very well last night. For some strange reason I kept waking up thinking I was going to be sick. I put it down to nerves, due to the fact my first ever post was about to be published on Okay, What If? and also my impending visit to the works physio.

When I woke up this morning I had notifications that there were 10 likes on my newly published piece so that lessened that worry. Thank you to all my new followers from this week, it’s good to have you on board. Thank you to Jed, who has enough faith in me to let me loose on his awesome blog, and thank you also to all of you for supporting me, it means a lot.

The good start to the morning slowed the washing machine that had somehow become lodged in my stomach during the night. No longer on spin cycle I had wound down to a steady rinse, which through my awesome powers of deduction (I was only worried about two things) I concluded had to be the visit to the physio.

I needn’t have worried, again good news. She says the strength in my leg has greatly improved, I have also gained about another 5 degrees on my range of motion which I didn’t expect as usually where you’re at after 12 months is where you stay! She explained the back and hip pain I am experiencing are normal due to the fact there has most likely been a change to my gait and I am over compensating. So yes I’m still going to be sore, but at least there is improvement!

We got to discussing life in general and I was talking about how although I had expected the physical pain with my injury I wasn’t prepared for how it would effect me mentally. She asked about home life and such things and was kind enough to suggest that perhaps another referral might be a good idea so I could go and just chat with someone and perhaps let off some steam. I might actually consider it, watch this space!

IE News Banner

  • Check out my new page entitled Challenges.The sidebar was getting a little crowded so I moved all the useful information to a page of it’s own. You can find all the information for Jeds Okay, What If Writing Challenge, Steve’s Monday Music Mix and Robs Haiku Challenge. If you have a challenge you would like added bear in mind before you ask that I can be bribed with either stationary or confectionery unless you’re super rich and want to make it monetary! :)
  • Remember a while back I was boasting about my love for my new netbook, so much so in fact I had already bought it a Valentine card. Well it would appear that it has a dark side. For the first time ever I carried the laptop into work with the sole purpose of blogging on my journey home. Imagine my horror, and we are talking large scale horror here, when after getting myself all settled and beginning  to type I started to experience motion sickness. I tried to ignore it at first but when it reached the stage where I wanted to projectile vomit, I shut everything down and closed my eyes for the rest of the journey. Fingers crossed it was just a one off, but in case it wasn’t, I have been pointed in the direction of the nearest chemist to buy sea bands! My suggestion of B&Q for a bucket was not received very well!

So there you have it. The above was meant to be ‘News in Brief’, but I was too tired to photoshop the words onto a pair of knickers so you’ll have to make so with an old picture.

Night Night now :)

It might be random but..

IE News Banner

Ok so earlier I did a post and said I wanted five more follows so I could reach my dream of 200. I did get three more, thank you very much new followers, but more random than that, I got a new little notification of an award:


It’s kind of a random number right? Although I am not complaining about the likes, thank you everyone! After Googling this little conundrum I was glad to note that others were as confused as I upon receiving this award.

Leet (or “1337“), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabetfor the English languagethat is used primarily on the Internet. It uses various combinations of ASCIIcharacters to replace Latinateletters. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337 andl33teleet may be spelled 31337 or 3l33t.

The term leet is derived from the word elite

So there you have it, in simple terms, WordPress have a damn fine sense of humour!

In Other News!

Hot off the press, the latest edition of the Okay, What If Challenge has been released and this week there is a definite Christmas feel.

Writing challenge. What if you could rewrite your favorite Christmas song?

I mean who hasn’t wanted to do that at some stage, in fact I am sure some of us already have while under the guise of the demon drink. If you would like to participate in the challenge, then click the link for more information.


Secondly, it’s Monday! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to anyone who had not realised. Monday’s suck, of that there is no doubt, but it’s not all doom and gloom because it’s also the day that Steve from Steve says issues the weeks Monday (funnily enough) Music Challenge. If you are not sure you’re on the right path, or which direction you should take, let the mystic music guide you, so far its been freakishly accurate, well for me anyways. For more information click here.


Last, but not least we have Rob, from Robs Surf Report, and his Haiku Challenge, which this month has the theme of Epic Fantasy. It certainly makes you think. I found my first foray challenging but entertaining. For more information, click here.


And on that note I shall leave you with a Christmas advertisement for the present I want from Kris Kringle, none other than Santa Claus himself, a Buffalo Tom Peabody Plunger, something no home should be without. Head here to order!

Till next time!