Snow laughing matter!

How I feel about Snow!

You lovely lovely people, who would have though that posts about Fresh Air would garner so much interest. How are you liking the series so far? What do you mean you can’t see them, they are right there in the fresh air, I wrote them with my new fresh airbrush set. Time to put on those rose tinted glasses me thinks.

Today was my best day ever for follows. Go figure, you lot are amazing! I really appreciate each new person who clicks the button.

So, here’s the thing, it’s actually really hard to write about fresh air. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself and good luck with it, this is one time I will happily accept the resounding smack of failure.

What I am going to write about, and I suppose in some ways it is slightly connected is that fluffy white stuff that everyone likes to see at Christmas. No I don’t mean the new fleecy dressing gown you got your Granny from Primark, I mean snow!

Snow is precipitation in the form of flakes of crystalline water ice that fall from clouds.

Even I have to agree that snow is beautiful to look at, if you’re looking at it through the window of your warm living room and have nowhere that you need to be that is. The new fresh layers of powder make the world look like it has been coated in Marshmallow, and trying to walk through it certainly adds to this feeling. It’s all fun and games until it brings everything to a standstill and people get stranded.

My worst nightmare is when the snow starts to melt and then freezes turning every pavement you set foot on into an ice rink. To add to the misery wee Johnny from up the street thinks it’s a great idea to pelt you full in the face with a slushy snow blob and as you try to get away you do your own version of a comedy run, as in your legs are moving, but you ain’t going nowhere!

They are saying this is going to be the worst Winter we have had in a long time. I hope they are wrong. I don’t think either I or alien leg could cope with that kind of pressure everyday for the next 4 months. I might have to consider putting myself into hibernation and trying to convince work they want to pay me for it. There’s about as much chance of that as me writing an actual post about fresh air!

I’d like to blame Alien Leg at this point and say that she is the reason I no longer like walking in the ice and snow, as being not as steady on my feet is certainly going to prove problematic. However I’d have to endure many chants of ‘Liar Liar pants on fire’, as the truth is, I have been a big wuss for a lot longer than she has been in existence.

Ach well, at least if I make it into work on the bad days I can while away the hours chanting ‘There’s snow place like home.’


The Curse of the Cold Caller!

“Here Madge, I think she just told me to Feck Aff!”

Cold calling is the marketing process of approaching prospective customers or clients—typically via telephone, by email or through making a connection on a social network—who were not expecting such an interaction. The word “cold” is used because the person receiving the call is not expecting a call or has not specifically asked to be contacted by a sales person.

I detest cold calling and everything about it. Even more so I hate the companies who promote it, either by  selling or passing on our details.

I had a call today on my folks number asking for me. The gentleman told me he was going to do a survey and it would only take two minutes to complete. Well that was a lie!

Because I did not have a chance to get a word in edge ways I found myself partaking in the survey whether I wanted to or not.

The enemy, referred to hereafter as T.E proceeded to rhyme off all my details, name, address and phone number. I was a little taken a back and asked how he had been able to obtain them. I got a garbled reply that made me none the wiser. From that point on I was on the defensive.

I don’t intentionally like being rude to people, but I find it hard to restrain myself when confronted by pushy arrogance. I know these people are only doing the job they are paid to do and lets be honest it is probably not a very easy job considering  the abuse they must take, however, some have no respect for privacy and their unrelenting forwardness is enough to make you want to slam down the phone there and then.

T.E in a vain attempt to butter me up said I sounded young and he needed my Date of Birth to continue. I promptly told him I did not feel comfortable supplying that information or in fact continuing with the survey and this led to a 5 minute debate while he tried to wangle out of me my age bracket at least. He says I sound very young for 65. In my defense I was getting annoyed, so that may have been the first of many little white lies! Most other people would have probably hung up.

There then followed a barrage of questions; would I donate to this, would I donate to that, do I own a washing machine, have  I ever had PPI, have I ever had an accident and not claimed, am I healthy and so it went on. From what I can recall I have been married 5 times, own 4 washing machines, a house, a yacht and the household earnings are off the scale.

 They don’t need to know that the only thing of value I possess is a 5 year old Xbox. My alternate reality is much more fabulous and exciting.

T.E then foolishly asked if I would be agreeable to other people contacting me with offers that may interest me. WRONG QUESTION!! I went off like a rocket on fireworks night. I told him in no uncertain terms that I certainly did mind him passing on my details for other people to contact me, telling him this was not even my number. I explained also that my mother, who is unwell, found it distressing to receive these calls and that I was trying to get them stopped not promote them. I think he got the message, I have his assurances he will not pass on my details. I have a feeling that may have been his second lie.

I’ve contacted British Telecom, enrolled in their  privacy scheme and also signed up for the Telephone Preference Service but nothing seems to stop these pests.

If you are a cold calling center employee then my apologies. It is nothing personal, but if you want me to remain calm on the phone trust that when I say No I mean No!

(Picture credit Bryce Johnson – click picture for more info)