The Belfast Super Heroes!

B&S BannerIt’s Saturday afternoon and Billy and Seamus are sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea whilst keeping on eye on the football:

Billy: Did you ever in yer life hear so much fuss about fecking Batman.

Seamus: You mean about the fact thon fella from Daredevil is playing him?

Billy: Aye, the Bat Geeks are not a happy bunch just now.

Seamus: What do you think our names would be if we were super heroes?

Billy: (Laughing) Well you’d definitely be Twatman.

Seamus: Oh ha ha ya fecking genius, when I cuff you one round the lugs you’ll be Throbin!!

Holy cow Batman, I decorated!!

Image by Si Griffiths

So I had a little reshuffle, a wee tweak, quite a lot of arsing around and copious amounts of swearing whilst trying to rekindle my long lost love affair with Paint Shop Pro!

The result is hopefully a much cleaner and sleeker blog. I love my old banner, but I was getting a little fed up with my background. That said, I have kept them both, because no doubt I shall revisit them at some stage.

So what do you think? Do you approve of my new look?

I only wish I could revamp myself so easily :)

So in the short time that it took to design myself a banner, it seems the majority of the Internet is up in arms about the fact that Ben Affleck is to play the role of Batman in the 2015 Superman sequel.

I’m not really sure what the problem is myself, sure you can only see his mouth!

Insert Ben Affleck!

That said, Christian Bale had a sexy mouth!