TODAY! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY & The Next Radio Request Show

Steve’s request show is on tonight. Tune in and promote yourself and show some blog lovage!

Talk About Pop Music

The online Radio Request show just keeps getting better! The next show is TODAY – Saturday 23rd January 20:00 – 22:00 (GMT).

There will be another GIVEAWAY! Yes, that’s right – me, a Scottish man, is giving away something for free two weeks in a row!

What is the GIVEAWAY?

It’s a choice between 3 options this time – a £10 ($15) gift card from an online retailer of your choice OR the chance to become part of pop music history in the most awesome way OR something a bit random! The random option will be revealed if you win and choose this prize.

For details of last week’s winner, click here.

How do you win it?

All I ask is that you like and comment (say hi to me, whatever) on this post and share it across your social media weapons of choice as often as you can – the more you share…

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10 thoughts on “TODAY! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY & The Next Radio Request Show

      • Sorry, I was called away last night and couldn’t listen but I was able to bookmark and create home screen app for the station! I checked out the web page and it is definitely my kind of radio! It’s nice to see John Lee Hooker in rotation! I will also check to see if its available on the TuneIn web radio app. I’m sure it probably is but if not I will recommend it. 👍


      • I’m not sure if it’s on tune in, but I’m thinking perhaps not because it’s run on that radionomy. Will have to check that out. It was great fun and it’s a good way to bring everyone together :)
        Steve did a stirling job :)

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      • Internet radio is really fun. Once I start listening it’s hard to stop. The music jockeys on web radio are definitely better informed than those on commercial radio.
        When I first got online a few years ago, web radio was a nightmare… The web pages had listened buttons that never worked or the streaming they used wasn’t compatible with anyone… onany device… anywhere. Lol! Now it’s as simple as a Google search!


      • I know what you mean. For some reason when I got to Saturday show it was over? My fault… I need to be more on the ball ! The play list always looks good.


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