TODAY! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY & The Next Radio Request Show

Steve’s request show is on tonight. Tune in and promote yourself and show some blog lovage!

10 thoughts on “TODAY! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY & The Next Radio Request Show

      • Sorry, I was called away last night and couldn’t listen but I was able to bookmark and create home screen app for the station! I checked out the web page and it is definitely my kind of radio! It’s nice to see John Lee Hooker in rotation! I will also check to see if its available on the TuneIn web radio app. I’m sure it probably is but if not I will recommend it. 👍


      • I’m not sure if it’s on tune in, but I’m thinking perhaps not because it’s run on that radionomy. Will have to check that out. It was great fun and it’s a good way to bring everyone together :)
        Steve did a stirling job :)

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      • Internet radio is really fun. Once I start listening it’s hard to stop. The music jockeys on web radio are definitely better informed than those on commercial radio.
        When I first got online a few years ago, web radio was a nightmare… The web pages had listened buttons that never worked or the streaming they used wasn’t compatible with anyone… onany device… anywhere. Lol! Now it’s as simple as a Google search!


      • I know what you mean. For some reason when I got to Saturday show it was over? My fault… I need to be more on the ball ! The play list always looks good.


      • I’ll pay closer attention and look for it at 2 p.m. my time. I will also set an Android alarm. 👍


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