Okay, what if I got sucked down the plughole?

Okay, what if Jed was awesome enough to allow me to be a contributor on his site? Well he did, and here is my first post. It’s scary but exciting to write for another blog and I welcome the challenge. I just hope I don’t let him down.

Check out his site, there are great posts from the man himself and there will also be posts in the future from the new contributors as well!
Worth a follow? Oh I think so :-)

Okay, What if ?

When I was younger, (a couple of years ago), when bath time was over, I used to place my foot over the plughole as the water drained away. It essentially created a vacuum and also some rather weird and disturbing gurgling noises. When I was really young, (a little more than a couple of years ago) I used to think the great bath monster was trying to suck me into the deep dark confines of his world underneath.  I was curious as to what I would find, but not curious enough that I wished to look into the long dark pipe, my eyeball likes it’s current home just fine.

animals-29525_150But what if I did get sucked into the plughole and transported into the vast network of pipes below. I would of course need to be smaller, so small in fact that I would have to climb into a passing bubble…

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