How I stopped the Grinch from stealing Christmas.

For once he listens! Great post, how I laughed!! Well worth a read :)


Seeing as my next post (this one) would be a landmark 50th, I offered my good friend the eejit a chance to set me a topic.  I gave them twelve hours notice and I also gave them carte blanche to choose anything that they wanted.  I must have been mad, but here goes anyway.  At approximately 09:30 this morning my phone beeped to let me know my topic was in.

How I stopped the Grinch from stealing Christmas

My initial response was ‘eh? WTF is a grinch?’.  Seeing as I had no idea, I was forced into some research and after said research, it would appear that I am the only one to have never seen the movie.  Which is not unusual seeing as it stars Jim Carrey and I can’t stand him in anything.

So, to properly rise to the eejits challenge, I need to have a basic understanding…

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