Annual Fall Clearance!

If you have not met the amazing Buffalo Tom Peabody and his crew yet, then you should familiarize yourself immediately! Fun and laughter abounds with every post, and the man himself is nothing short of an inspiration :-) Think differently !

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1

Me and Gunther are conducting our annual Fall Clearance! We’ve got to make way for new inventory! We’ve slashed prices to the bone!


We are easy to find and centrally located next door to the sewage treatment plant! Just follow your nose to the wrong side of town for unbeatable deals!


You can browse our inventory from the comfort of your old car… pile after pile of savings! We are just like Walmart! Don’t see anything that interests you? That’s okay! We have new inventory arriving daily!


Remember, at Buffalo Tom Auto Sales you can buy with confidence! We offer a comprehensive 20 minute satisfaction guarantee!


That’s right! We have everything! We can even satisfy that hard to please street car shopper!


This honey of a deal station wagon is perfect for large families! Speaking of families! Bring the kids to Buffalo Tom Auto Sales. We have all kinds of…

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