11/3/2013 Writing challenge. What if you could be king of the jungle?

Ladies and Gentlemen I am giving you fair warning for this weeks What If Challenge from Okay, What If?. No excuses, because I know a lot of you do a fair bit of monkeying around so this should be easy enough for you :)

Okay, What if ?

Okay, Halloween is over and I think everyone is ready for a fun challenge. Last weeks challenge only received three responses including my own so I decided not to do an update. We still had three wonderful responses and If you would like to read them check out Phoenixes by Pat(ricia), Halloween Socks by The Indecisive Eejit and What if I could be a legend? by iamfunny2.

madagascarThis week’s challenge should be interesting and fun. If you could be any animal from the jungle what animal will you be? Tell me about your animal self and your daily life. Have a little fun. Think talking jungle animals ala Madagascar.

Remember anything goes with the What if challenge but I’m hoping to get a few laughs out of this weeks posts.

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